Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ipad 2 not charging when connected to laptop - windows pc / mac

Its very strange that my new iPad 2 is not charging when connected to my windows 7 laptop.
I tried switching to my different laptops, one dell xps of my wife with windows vista, one with acer windows 7 ultimate, one with HP Pavilion with windows 7 home premium and finally with my Samsung running on windows vista. None helped and the only option left out to me was plug it to the wall socket with the adapter that came along with the iPad 2 pack.

I searched online much and it seemed to be a frequent and common issue. The underlying issue is with the power requirements of iPad 2. Apple to improve the per recharge usage life of iPad 2 came up with a larger battery and naturally it needs more power. Either it can use the same power source and take longer to charge or use a powerful recharge source and charge it up faster. Apple went for the latter and thus resulting in a requirement for a powerful charger.

Normally any usb drives gives 500mA power. But seems to settle the hunger of iPad 2 it requires 2 A, which is not fulfilled by most of the usb ports. But Apple having had this design plans, already has optimized its new versions of laptops and OS to support a higher power output via usb ports. This helps for instance MAC Book Air to power up the extended optical drive. For normal PCs, there should be an external power source for these extended drives.

There is  a tweak for this. Its by installing some patches for usb drivers so that, it tries to output more power to the usb drives. These patches are more kind of mother board specific but some a more generic. Below are some links to these patches which you can install. After a reboot, your usb ports should be powerful enough to charge your iPad 2.

But because these patches can affect your hardware drivers which in turn affect the working of your softwares, its safe to take make a checkpoint to which you can roll back once you have any issue.

Below are the download links: *Recommented (MSI) (GIGABYTE)

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