Sunday, August 26, 2012

Things to consider when buying water coolers

Things to consider when buying water coolers
With lots of features and options available, it can be difficult to work to solve the water cooler that will best suit your situation.
Why should I choose cooler deep water?
plumbed-in water coolers (also known as point of use coolers or water pipes acres), and cold filter your water pipes. Unlike watercoolers bottled, and there is no running water available continuously do away with the need to buy, store and dispose of cold and large amounts of plastic bottles, which are predominantly go to landfills, and can take more than 700 years to decompose. Water Coolers in sounding also lower carbon footprint, and there is no need to deliver continuous and road miles required with bottled water.
I need hot water as well as cold or hot water boiler?
Some water coolers come with a choice of hot water. This makes it ideal for hot drinks such as tea, coffee, great as they are integrated single unit. May be hot water boilers is also an option to consider if you have a lot of people who need hot water at the same time. Wall mounted to our wide range of hot water boilers, counter top and under the counter. We will be happy to provide advice as hot water boiler is most suitable for your location and volume of use.
I would like to choose a table or freestanding water cooler?
You will need to consider the amount of space you have. Water coolers are freestanding usual option and usually the best solution if you have enough space. But for those with limited space and may release the table the best solution (such as the surface of the table and sit easily on the kitchen work surface).
I would like to choose cooler water from the Waterlogic group or a group Watermarques?
You need to consider the volume of water that you need for your site. If you have a large desk or intend to fill large water bottles with the Conference or the Governing Council, then cooler water Watermarques be the best option because they have been designed specifically for the high volume of water consumption. However, if the use of ad hoc by employees or visitors will then watercooler from Waterlogic group is likely to be more convenient
You must choose a water fountain?
Water fountains are ideal for use in fitness / health clubs, swimming pools and schools, as well as sites that are expected to use a high. This is also ideal for sites that require a more powerful unit. Our water fountains are also available stand-alone or mounted on the wall, which can be positioned at the desired height for children / users with special needs. Like our watercoolers water fountains provide a steady supply immediate and safe drinking water and the highest quality system uses direct chill.
What is the difference between buying and renting?
Initially buy a water cooler or boiler can be shown to work as a cheaper option, and for some companies may be the right choice, but it can provide services and repairs can be difficult as you will need to either do this yourself or output maintenance package. Watercooler rental is often the best option and you will have often watercooler / boiler of your choice and peace of mind that is preserved and the provision of services on a regular basis.
What accessories do I need?
In addition to the Watercooler or boiler, we can provide consumables such as different size cups, sports bottles, trays, cup and other optional extras.