Sunday, September 18, 2016

LPG (Cooking Gas) Cylinder Distributors in Fujairah - Contact Number

In Fujairah, LPG is the main source of cooking fuel. Below are the contact numbers of Authorized Emirates Gas Cylinder Distributors in Fujairah.
To know more about how to obtain an LPG Cylinder or connection in Fujairah check here.

Distributors Telephone No.
Abu Ahmed Gas 09 2242142
Abu Hamdan Gas 050-6909283
Abu Sultan Gas 09 2245113
Ajmal Gas 050-4891247
Al Amwaj Gas 09 2224872
Al Anwar Store 09 2444325
Al Awaadi Gas 09 2381345
Al Baadi Gas 09 2444742
Al Bashaer Gas 09 2241310
Al Ghool Gas 09 2443747
Al Hilal Corp. 09 2381246
Al Jabal Gas 09 2564675
Al Qadsya Gas 050 7998191
Al Qassab Store 09 2365865
Al Quaise Gas 09 2220522
Al Quawmiah 09 2222396
Al Sahel Gas 09 2388465
Al Sahel Gas 09 2388465
Al Sakher Gas 09 2389335
Al Salam Gas 09 2229605
Al Shaer Gas 050 4704122
Al Shara Gas 09 2229200
Al Siraj Gas 09 2442632
Asian Gas 09 2444093
Emirates Gas 09 2381009
Khamees M.C. 09 2564479
Mosiya Haisem Gas 09 2365065
United Trdg 09 2222737
Wadi Al Sidder 09 2565348
Yaarab Gas 09 2564312
LPG Cylinder Distributors - Fujairah -


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